Fairtrade Basics: Fresh insights from the field

Workshop with speakers from Fairtrade Africa for Fairtrade Universities and interested persons

Let's get an inspiring insight with first-hand experience into some basics of the Fairtrade system:

# Farmers' and workers' risks and rights

# The Fairtrade compliance management system

# How Fairtrade standards protect children

# Why should a University in Germany promote Fairtrade products?


Online event via Zoom with speeches in English and discussion in English and German. A Training for ‘Fair Trade Ambassadors’ (and those who'd like to become one) & workshop for interested persons at university campuses and beyond.


Our speakers:

- Lilian Mugure Maina & Vicky Kadiga Aridi

from the producers' network Fairtrade Africa located in Nairobi – strong women defending workers' rights and youth engagement for Fairtrade


- Wynnie Mbindyo

from Fairtrade Initiative Saarland / Fairtrade Deutschland – an experienced speaker located in Saarbrücken who is in touch with producer organizations around the globe


Moderation: Diana Rode, Fairtrade Initiative Saarland


Registration: Everybody is warmly welcomed! This event is for free. Please register until 13th June: d.rode(at)faires saarland.de



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